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Desert Best Friend's Closet's doors may be closed for the moment, but when they reopen, we want to be there to help anyone* who has lost their job to help them get back on their feet. Someone who has lost their job or paycheck during this time will need more than clothing. They will need personalized support to guide them on their journey back to work. And, a boost in self-confidence that comes from being dressed up and ready to face the world.

Normally, our programs are limited to our referral partners, but these are not "normal times." Because of that, we will open up our programs to any* job-seeker in the Coachella Valley to come for an interview outfit, meet with our job coach or job developer. 

But, we will need more than clothes to support everyone for their next job search--we need YOUR help! With every $50 donated, we will be able to outfit a client, help with a resume, teach them job search strategies or connect them with employment opportunities.

Please help us get #CoachellaValleyBackToWork!

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*For every $50 raised, one  person will receive the support they need--shoes, accessories, clothing, job assistance and confidence to find a new job and begin rebuilding. The number of clients served will be limited to the donations received.

  • Donations of any amount are urgently needed and gratefully accepted 
  • If you are fortunate to be working remotely during this time, consider donating $50 to help someone who doesn't have the job security you do. 
  • Share our campaign with your work from home colleagues
  • Create your own fundraising campaign, get #CoachellaValleyBackToWork trending on social media
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