In 2008, Desert Best Friend’s Closet (DBFC) surveyed human resources representatives from 28 companies in the desert and learned that inappropriately dressed job applicants were a problem in the community. Sixty percent of those surveyed confessed that they judge appearance first and eighty-five percent admitted they hesitate to hire someone who is dressed unprofessionally. Over two-thirds estimate that job applicants do not have the financial resources to buy appropriate interview attire or even know what to wear.  As a result, DBFC was created to fill an unmet community need.

At first, we operated out of board members’ homes, collecting clothing from friends to redistribute to agencies in need. We were excited to help people, but something was missing--we lacked interacting with those whom we were attempting to assist. Two years later we secured a service site and began providing one-on-one wardrobe and image consultation service to clients. DBFC has helped nearly 2000 clients to since moving into our service site in 2010.

We are confident of the value of our Interview Attire program, but are aware that clients need more than a snappy suit to secure employment. Last year we asked our clients what additional services they need to be better prepared for their job searches.  Overwhelmingly, they requested help with resume writing, job applications and interview skills. Consequently, we launched Bridge to Employment Program to complement our Interview Attire Program. 

The core goal of these two programs is to help our clients achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment and to reduce the burden on the public. Whether you can donate a business suit, a pair of shoes or provide financial support, your contribution has a direct impact on our clients and sets them on the path towards employment. Our clients inspire us with their commitment to a better life for themselves and their families. We are committed to helping them reach their goal of self-sufficiency.

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