Remember the last time you prepared for a job interview . . .  Can you recall what were you wearing? How much did "dressing the part" give you confidence and let you focus on wowing the interviewer? Think about the empowerment wearing the "right clothes" gave you, . . .  and we want to give to our clients.

Now, review the clothes hanging in your closet. What is "interview appropriate?" Which garments can you part with that may help someone else? To learn what we accept, click here.

We encourage you to "edit" your closet--take the winning shirt or suit and donate them to Desert Best Friend's Closet. Together, we can help another client in need gain confidence, attain employment and work toward a better life through self-sufficiency. To learn where to bring donations, click here.

All donated clothing must be clean and in good condition. This means no tears, stains, broken zippers, or missing buttons.  Please have all clothing on hangers and ready to wear.

Go Green!

Recycling your clothing and accessories not only helps others, but reduces your "carbon footprint" on the planet!


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